Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

21 March, 2011

milkAdeal! yummeh!

grab grab & grab!!

korang niza tgk je latest deal dr MilkAdeal tros grab 6 coupons!! hoye hoye!!

yang bestnye, kt bole accumulate & redeem skali gus..hihi..

RM25 instead of RM56 for 12 Cupcakes + 10 Cream Puffs + 7 Cheese Tarts from Irenebakelove Online Bakery, Shah Alam [55% OFF]


So IreneBakeLove will be one of my Candy Buffet
btw, jaja juge one of my vendor!  =)
x sabar nk rase coklat yg jaja buat..yummeh!!

tp kan, my candy buffet table sgt la limited & based on first come first serve..hehe
so, korang sile dtg cepat ya! =)



Coretan si comel