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28 September, 2010

Raya Holidays - Melbourne

Salam uolss,

Raya kali ni agak berbeza, agak ala kadar je..huhu..
malam raya balik kampung & malam 1st day raya tu jugak balik s.alam..

ini kerana my sister & i went to Melbourne & Adelaide for holiday on the 3rd of raya!!
Hoye hoye..da lame x gi vacation.. & i'm really waiting for it..

Okay sila layan picas2 k,

12 Sep 2010 (11.30pm)
Arrived in Melbourne
Stayed over night at the melbourne airport where got the Prayer room.
The prayer room is very comfortable..We slept there for a few hours.

13 Sep 2010
After brekkie we round all over melbourne.. Especially their places of interest.
We took the Skybus from airport to Southern Cross Station in the city (20 mins to the city)..
The return ticket cost : AUD 26 per person

The State library, Victoria

Hilton hotel, just rite in front of Melbourne Tullamarine airport

Southern Cross Station

sister & me in the very classic city circle tram..& its free okeh..
haha =p

It's Federation Square..& i love the building!! hehe
it's cold i tell u..sampi tulang..pada hal it's end of winter..

It's very cool here..i love the scenery..
This is Yarra river, if i'm not mistaken..

nmpk x tram ngn kete tgh lumba2 kt blkg..hehe

atok posing juge..

Free City Circle Tram =)

oH MY god!! Parliament of Victoria ni la yg ssh sgt nk carik..
sesat larat carik..patah kaki jalan byk sgt..huhu

The best in Melbourne, of course la...

jeng jeng jeng........


tell you its heaven to shop here!!

i bought Kate Hill Handbags & purse,
Levi's Jeans by 1 free 1 (AUD 49.90 each),
Lots of perfumes!!!
& its really cheap even after u converted to MYR for sure..hehe

i wish i shop more here in DFO..
x puas la plak.. huhu..
kejap sgt..

p/s : to be continued.. =)

24 September, 2010

Nawal oh nawal...

Salam korg..

eh rindu ar kat korg2 ni..hahah~ lame da x jenguk blog masa musim raya nih..oh ye sebelum terlambat nk wish, samat ari raya kt korg!! sorry xde duit raya..i sengkek ar skg..tgh membilang ari menunggu gaji..

sape antara korg yg g nikah nawal??? angkat tangan..
jom la, ak xde geng ar nk g..incik tunang ade hal..xdpt nk join..
so, bole x i join korg g nikah nawal?? hehe.. (pd hal ak dok s.alam je pon)
takot sesat plak..hehe

atau pon kt leh janji jmp2 kt sane..hoyeay!! x sabar nk jmp blogger2 lain..hikhik..

p/s: tp xde baju putih la..kne rembat ngn nawal x nnt?? haha