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20 February, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #3

Haikal @ 8 months!

14 February, 2013

Signs that your child loves you

Talking about child's development  milestones, every child has different development progress.
We could not compare the progress between our child and the rest of other children at their same age. However, there would be a very reasonable timeline for them. As a mother, every single new development is such a happy moment. Nothing can describe how happy you are when your child started to crawl, cruise, stand, and his first smile? =)

The delightful moment goes on when now he is able to walk. Jatuh bangun jatuh tu perkara biasa sayang. courage kene kuat untuk tros bangun dan cuba lagi. and now, duh... u have to chase him everywhere. putting on diapers has become more difficult.haha. asek nak main nyorok2. Since he is 1 year old, he likes to play hide-and-seek. Kita pon kenelah pura2 carik dia tepi langsir ke, tepi meja ke, bawah kerusi ke, "Haikal oh haikal. mane haikal ni?" and sambil tu bila kita jeling dia, dia seakan2 tunggu kita sergah dia "Ni dia Haikal! dah jumpa dia!" =)

7 signs that your child loves you

1. He mirrors your face: Your facial expressions are more contagious to your child than the freshest virus at daycare. This is why he'll often smile when you smile or look anxious when you're afraid. This mirroring begins in the newborn period, but increases dramatically between the ages of 9 and 18 months, says Karp.

2.  He takes his cues from you: How would your 1-year-old react to an elephant frying an egg in the kitchen? Chances are, she'd look to you. The world can be a confusing and surprising place for your little one, and she uses your reactions to make sense of it. She loves you and trusts your opinion.

3. He copies your behavior: Does your little guy try to open the door with your keys? Does he "fix" his hair in the mirror, just like you? "They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but for toddlers, it's also a sincere form of respect and love," says Karp.

4. He engages with you: The back-and-forth that started during babyhood is much more sophisticated now. Your toddler wants to answer your questions, witness your reaction to what she's doing, and tell you (in her own way) about her ideas. Known as reciprocal social attention, this is a sign of your toddler's attachment and confidence in you.

5. He uses you as home base: In a new environment, your toddler may alternate between exploring and running back to snuggle in your lap. It's a sure sign of trust and attachment, says psychologist Linda Acredolo. You're a safe, reassuring place for him to return to.

6. He turns to you for rescue: You're walking through the park when a big dog runs up to your toddler. He raises his arms for you to pick him up and hold him close. He trusts you to help him, and that's a way of showing love, says parent educator Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

7. He seeks comfort from you: Your toddler may hold out his hand so that you can kiss his boo-boo, or he may cry for you to cuddle him after he trips on the front steps. He knows he can count on you for comfort, says Acredolo – and he trusts you enough to let you know when he needs it.

Source: Babycenter

13 February, 2013

08 February, 2013

Sepetang di Golden Palm Tree Resort

Hari minggu yang lalu, hubby mendapat phone call dari Golden Palm Tree Resort. Katanya ada preview berkenaan hotel diorang ni dan kalau datang, akan diberi voucher penginapan 2hari 1 malam.
So kami plan nak pegi and lepas tu bole la pegi makan seafood kat Bagan Lalang. Excited gak, sbb tak pernah sampai kawasan Bagan Lalang tu. HAHAHA.

Perjalanan mengambil masa lebih kurang 1 jam setengah nak sampai ke resort tu. Agak pedalaman jugak kawasan dia. Masa tu lebih kurang pukol 4.30pm. Dan cuaca agak panas jugak. So bila kami tanya kat receptionist, dia suruh tuju ke Vacation Club yang terletak kat dalam resort tu.

Bila kitorang dengar perkataan 'Club' tu, teros dah dapat tangkap dah apa tujuan diorang panggil sebenarnya. Iaitu untuk menjual pakej2 percutian. hehehehe. Yang bestnye kami tak masuk and join pon preview tu, sebab sebelom ni hubby dah pernah jadi jugak masa dengan Swiss Garden. HAHA.

So, kami pon sekadar mengambil gambar di persekitaran resort, tu pon ala kadar sebab hari tgh panas. Air pon tengah surut. hmmm..

Ini lah rupa Golden Palm Tree Resort ni dari pandangan atas. 
 Source: Mat Google

Haikal sangat seronok bila dapat berjalan dan berlari2an. Haha. penat aku nak kejar weh. semput mak =p

Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is the most spoiled brat in the world?
 #harizhaikal lah jawapan nye. hahaha

Happy and clapping his hands. Org melayu kata 'syok sendiri'. hahaha

Sambil tu isap jari jap..

Eh. mama pon nak sibuk2.

Haikal dah susah nk stay put. Nak amek gmbr skang pon susah.

Seronok dapat berlari atas pasir, yg tak berapa halus tu. hehe
 haa nmpk tak chalet2 resort kat belakang tu. tak best sgt sbb air tgh surut.
pastu tgh terik plak tu.

It is time to eat seafood!
playful mood

 'papa, bila udang sambal nak sampai ni. dah berkeroncong ni'
 'tggu jap k. haikal tgk la burung2 yg byk berterbangan tuu..'
 'fuiyyo byk nye burung2. aeroplane pon ade la'

 'bile kt nak naik aeroplane lg ni papa?'

OK food dah sampai.
Kami menjamu selera di Restoran Senandung Malam.
 Sotong goreng tepung yg mmg terbaik.
3 ekor sotong dapat byk tu sepinggan.haha
 Lala dan pepahat masak cili
Ni pon sedap. first time rase pepahat. =p
 Udang masak sambal.
ni lagi lagi sedap!

Alamak lupa plak nk snap gmbr ikan kerapu bakar.
sebab ikan tu sampai lambat sket compare dgn yg lain, maka bile ikan sampai je, tros bedal.
hehehe. gelojoh betol.
 Akhirnya saya kenyang! yeayy

- resort nmpk nice. tak berpeluang tgk villa/chalet yg confirm 5 star! haha.
- seafood kat bagan lalang ni mmg sedap. tapi pilihan tak berapa byk. harga cam standard bandar. yang penting perut happy! =)

bagi korang2 yang nak pergi weekend getaway yang tak berapa jauh, boleh lah consider tempat ni. Also known as Sepang Gold coast. Boleh refer website Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort

05 February, 2013

Happy 52th Birthday Abah!

Last 26th January, we had a simple birthday celebration for my beloved abah. Btw, bah's birthday actually was on the 28th Jan, but we just had an earlier celebration or simply lunch date for all of us, because some of us got this to do, got that to do la..hmm  =p

He just turned 52 years old, but managed to look younger than his age. EH? haha.

We had lunch at this Ahlaa Cafe which is located at Pusat Komersil Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.
I had reviewed this cafe  HERE previously. This cafe is owned by my mom's friend. So kiranya support bisnes kawan jugak la =)

Let see what we have here:

I had this Maqlubah Chicken.
Tasty & yummy!

Adek's Spaghetti Bolognese.
 Ni je foods yang sempat snap.. yang lain x sempat snap, dah kne ngap. HAHAHA

Haikal was too happy to join the dining =)

It's a Red Velvet cake for birthday boy..

Opah & Atok Haikal 

Happy Birthday Atok! 
You are the most awesome father & atok in the world !

 The one with red shirt is my soon BIL. Hehe.

Well, the little one is always with his bottle. hmm..