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30 June, 2010

Engagement Post Mortem - Part 2 (Make up)

Hye peeps,

i'm so excited to write about my e-day...but my workload wont let me to do so..huhu..
& now, it's already been 4 days since i got engaged!!

haha~ now i got a fiance!! hoye hoye...
how do i feel?? & what's the difference between now & before??
huhu..about the difference i think its too early to tell..haha~ maybe after 1 month can tell the diff..

one thing that i loved about my e-day is my makeup..
it was done beautifully by kak fiza (from makeup by fiza)
she came on time & arrived at my house about 11 am..
when she called & mentioned she's on her way, i kelam kabut mandi..haha~ cincai jer..

almost done..hehe~

she charged for e-day : RM250

i like it!!
many of my friends said that the make up looked very natural..
& got some yg interested & want to hire her also..hehe..

besides make up, i also took the mini dais from her ..

i also love my pelamin..
hoye hoye..
dorg pasal sgt awal, iaitu dr kamis malam..
 & the price was very reasonable & affordable!!

Dear K.fiza, thanx very much!!
i love ur touch!!
walaupon u demam, tp still dtg utk bekerja.. huhu


  1. sonok kan dah ader tunang...~ lepas ni bz pasaL nak kawen lak.. ni baru 4 juz enjoy dis moment ok... :) yeah..beautiful make up n sweet peLamin..!!

  2. dear, hw much u pay for pelamin tu eh..sweet!!

  3. salam perkenalan niza. =)

    natural la make up u...
    i lak tak puas hati sgt utk make up my engaged aritu

  4. aty: hehe pasni i jd bridezilla kot..haha..
    i msti enjoy dis moment pny!! thanx dear!!

    erin: hehe~ sweet & simple kan... i negotiate ngn die & dpt RM 300..kusi pnjg tu, i request..hehe..mak yg nak..haha~

  5. OooO cantik baju you!!! love the color. So sweet!

  6. lily: hye lily! salam perkenalan!! thanx ye..
    it's ok, make sure nnt time wedding u amek yg puas hati k..jgn sedey tau.. =)

    nana: thanx nana!! beli da siap je ni..senang cite.. =)

  7. Tahniah Niza!!! Wah.. dah satu tapak ke arah wedding.. InsyaAllah..

  8. My: hehe.. Setapak demi setapak.. InsyaAllah.. Thanx ye!! =)


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