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15 June, 2010

birthday celeb

hi ladies,

yesterday was my boo's b-day...i've planned so many things and have so many ideas on how to celebrate his 25th b-day since a month ago..muahaha..i google-d and try to find somthing special for him..these are the things that was under my consideration:

1) throw him a surprise birthday party attended by his close friends & mine - didn't workout sbb some of his friends were outstation & offshore. then consider the 2nd option,

2) surprise a birthday cake delivered to his office - also didn't workout..huhu =( .......
bcos i think its not appropriate for me to do that, since they were busy working on that day..

3) Finally, my last option is just to have a fine dinner celebration, only the 2 of us..hehe..i find it quite romantic...ahaks..eventho all my earlier plans didn't workout, but i'm satisfied becos i made somthing for him, a substitute to his present..muahaha..

okay2, i'm not a cheapskate...i just made him a video featuring our pictures, families & friends with our fav's quite tough for me to select from tons of  pictures of our  7 years relationship.. then, i burned it into a dvd..that's ur birthday present boo,,haha (pd hal x tau nk bagi adiah ape..ngeh ngeh)

okay2 about our dinner:
venue: chili's , empire subang
time: 8pm
date: 14 jun 2010
me : oldtimer burger..
x larat nk abes..mntk tolon org abes kan

boo : lamb shoulder..
ok la rase die, x berapa fantastic sgt..

dessert : molten chocolate cake..
i like this one the most... hehe..
sgt sedap woo...

sorry uols, x guna gmber sebenar, sbb kualiti nye sgt memalukan..
memandangkan dlm chili's tu gelap ya amat..haha~
giler romance, eh romantic..

ok la tu je hapdet arini..hehe
p/s: 1st time mkn kt chili's..
komen: choc cake die yummy!!


  1. hehe~ drooling plak bila teringat rase die..yummy kan..


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