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07 June, 2010

Double Happiness

I just love this month!! Like what Anil said, this is a love month!!
Yes anil, it's true!! haha~

There were so many wedding invitation for this month.. From up north to down south. My friend said, it's 'musim mengawan'...haha's bcos of school holidays has started..(hoyee dis week sure no jam!!) ..i love this month becos:

1) My Boo's birthday (14 Jun 2010) - i'm thinking to throw a surprise event.....huhu...i'm dreaming of doing it..i've never done it before for him, seriously (haha..terok kan)..and now, i'm so eager and really really want to make it happen. is anyone out there have any ideas from your prev. experience??
  • what is the sweetest thing to do?
  • should it be romantic for just the 2 of you or call all your & his besties to join?
  • what present should i give him? i'm trying to avoid giving typical presents..huhu..maybe somthing DIY..??
  • where should i do it?
  • what about the food?


p/s: i know he wont read this, that's why i berani state kt blog..hehe

2) My E-Day (26 Jun 2010) - 20 days left..huhu..i'm nervous thinking about it..most of the preps, i just follow what my mom's want.. I'm just hoping that it will turn out smoothly &'s just a simple ceremony, i guess..hehe..i'll do the hapdet later k..huhu (asek janji je..haha~)

3) My Uni Friend's Wedding (5 Jun & 6 Jun 2010) - Definitely i'll do separate entry for this.. (eh kate double happiness je...actually byk rupenyer happiness yg berlaku..haha~)


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