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21 April, 2010

Unfair judgement!!

haishh....apsal tetibe ak nak emo nih...
apekah perasaan anda, bile anda dinilai dr segi rupa paras?
secara specificnye kecantikan luaran anda...

waa mau nangis...bile dgr "somebody" said this statement to ur future tunang "my boo":

"somebody" : this is ur gf? (refering to a photo of mine) she's not pretty la...u can find better one!!
 "my boo" : (try to act cool) hehe...i'm not looking at the outer beauty, i'm looking at her inner beauty..
thanx boo..but it really hurts..

huhu..even tho my boo still cover it for me..but deep in my heart i still can feel the pain..
waa.. tersentap mak tau!!huhu..

some of my friend said,
ppl should not judge ppl based on apprearance
but actually ppl normally did judged by 1st impression..
they said, dont think about it so boo also said the same..

huhu..x kan ak kne wat surgery kot semata2 nk puaskan ati ko...tammo!!

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