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21 April, 2010

MUA E-Day - Checked

i booked my MUA quite some time ago...can u imagine, that time most of the MUA has been booked oredi when i called...sedey...
however, suddenly i browsed through the net over n over...i found this blog which is "Make Up by Fiza"
which i guess not yet famous among bloggers...but i dont care..bcos i like her touch...simple & nice..
sile layan pic d bwh ni ye..
source from Makeup by Fiza

Source from Makeup by Fiza

nice bukan...i suke..
price pon not bad...
RM250 within my budget...
so, we set the trial makeup on the 15th May..(lame lg)..

actually i amek pakej mini dais skali ngn die..
so now tgh usha2 mini dais yg molek2..
mari kt usha!!!


  1. hopefully mine also will be as nice as theirs..hihi..

  2. hi..can i know whether this is the same fiza. do u mean fiza zainudin? coz fiza zainudin quote me a bit higher price from what u stated.. huhu

  3. hana: nope..dont worry dear..this one is not fiza zainudin..hehe..i'm sure fiza zainudin will quote higher, coz she's more's good that u have her..mesti cantik makeup nnt.. =)

  4. hihi..she wasn't my MUA for d bigday la dear..hehe..coz hrganye mahal..i tak mampu.. hehe


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