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31 May, 2010

Weekend is synonym to Wedding

Hi ladies!!!

Since my boo g joli sakan kat Pulau Perhentian last weekend, i spent the whole weekend with my beloved family...yes, i managed to stay home, do house chores a bit & sleep more..muahaha..but of course there are weddings that i attended last weekend..for sure.. =p

Saturday : Diera's Wedding (my matrix besties)
Venue: PLPP Hall, Kajang

congratz Diera & Arif !!

the last 4 guests attended..

there's a story behind this wedding...nk tau x, we arrived so late at the wedding because we got lost
on the way to fetch my other friend..haha..we arrived around 4pm!!!
haha! can u imagine the hall is empty, they packed the food already,
the chairs and table has been put aside...haha~
luckily the bride knows that we're coming & still waited for us, while they were finishing their
photog session..
i just can grind, bcos this is my 1st time super late to a wedding.. 

empty hall!! (haa...jgn gelak..)
& the photographer..
but i do love the hanging lamp!! =p

pls mind the gedixness..hehe~
n just layanzz the pictures k..

bride ade nmpk cam sharifah amani x?? gaga~

after that the bride's family invited us to their house to eat...lapar seyh sesat larat..haha~
umah x jauh, seb baik blkg dewan jer..hehe

ni smpt snap hantaran ijau mase lepak kt umah dira..
calming green...huhu...sori xde pic close up..hehe..

Sunday: Adawiyah's Wedding ( my 2nd cousin)
Venue: Bandar Salak Tinggi
Theme: White & Red

Congratz both!!

since cam lg sebatu je nk sampai nilai,
maka my mom pon ajak la g terjah nilai3..
sessi hunting hunting... i like =p

Ok, i'll do another entry for Nilai 3 !!!


  1. Ha'ah Lar..Bride yang pakai kaLer biru tu macam sharifah armani..cantik..!!

  2. hehe~ tu la ktorg pon br pasan rupe2 nye die ade iras amani.. =)


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