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11 May, 2010

hantaran sent!!

hello gurls!!!
haha..lame gak x ngapdet blog nih...seminggu sudey..

its been a very busy weekend..wish it could be more than 2 days for weekend..huhu
last saturday, its one of my BFF E-Day..hehe...cOngratzz to both 'IM & BOOLAT'..sowy ye, i blom transfer pic..i utang satu k..(brp byk utang daa..)..

I met Im since 2003..we studied together in KMJ in one classroom which is HAYAT 11. Actually si Boolat ni pon same KMJ..and he went to UMP together with My Boo in a same course..haha..what a, both My Boo and Boolat are staying together..hehe..IM, it seems like we have so many things in common..hUHU..suddenly i missed hayat 11 so much..there were 6 of us in my 'gang'...cehh..maknenye yg rapat lor..

1. Raden - the 1st one to get married..she was in my 1st entry..haha..pls check on she's 6months preggy..hoyee..This pakar sakit tuan Dr. will deliver a baby gurl in Sep b4 raya..OMG, so happy for u dearie..
2. Dira - the 2nd one to get married..she had nikah gantung on last March and her reception will be this coming 29th May..!!! hehe can't wait to meet all of u..esp. u dira..da lame i x jmp..
3. Im - yeay..u should be the 3rd one dear..soon to be married..
4. Zaza - haha..only them called me zaza...comey kan..heh prasan lak..soon to be engaged.. =p
5. Wan - miss her far as i know she still single & ready to mingle..go gurl..
6. Wawa - ni pon i miss so much..she is so funny..yg ni byk scandal yg i tau..haha.. =p

alamak, ni da lari tajuk nih...hahah...sorry guys, carried away by my oldfrens..haha..

ok back to the story, My Boo and i went to Jln Taiping, Klang to sent our Hantaran item..the one i will give him..huhu, supposed my mummy yg she was super busy on the weekend with her office workload..but it's ok, My Boo is there to accompany me..hehe..but no more surprise for him lorr..haha..never mind..

the theme that i chosed for him is turquoise blue..hmm..for me, maybe pink kot, ye ke boo?? mine will not be using fresh flowers..sob sob..its not within my budget..uwwwaa..i'll save more for hantaran kawen...nak jugak..nak jugak..
sy teringin nk mcm yg pic bwh nih:

source: miss x (tenkiu..hehe)

haila...santek nye...bestnye kalo dpt cenggini..

waa...yg ni sumorg knal...mmg cair i tgk u...waa...mst i akan speechless kalo dpt cenggini...
hahah...over plak..
ini hanya impian, kalo my boo bg yg dlm kotak simple2 pon i terima...
janji u ikhlas kan kan..(hmm nak jugak.. =p)

counting on the days...
p/s: banyak nye la dugaan yg br nk tunang, blom nk kawen lagi..haih..


  1. suka miss x punya. sweet :)

  2. zara: mmg suwwit sgt kan miss x pny..hehe..
    hai bertuah nye la badan.. =)


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