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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

05 February, 2013

Happy 52th Birthday Abah!

Last 26th January, we had a simple birthday celebration for my beloved abah. Btw, bah's birthday actually was on the 28th Jan, but we just had an earlier celebration or simply lunch date for all of us, because some of us got this to do, got that to do la..hmm  =p

He just turned 52 years old, but managed to look younger than his age. EH? haha.

We had lunch at this Ahlaa Cafe which is located at Pusat Komersil Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.
I had reviewed this cafe  HERE previously. This cafe is owned by my mom's friend. So kiranya support bisnes kawan jugak la =)

Let see what we have here:

I had this Maqlubah Chicken.
Tasty & yummy!

Adek's Spaghetti Bolognese.
 Ni je foods yang sempat snap.. yang lain x sempat snap, dah kne ngap. HAHAHA

Haikal was too happy to join the dining =)

It's a Red Velvet cake for birthday boy..

Opah & Atok Haikal 

Happy Birthday Atok! 
You are the most awesome father & atok in the world !

 The one with red shirt is my soon BIL. Hehe.

Well, the little one is always with his bottle. hmm..



  1. wah mcm best je cafe ni dahla dekat shah alam je. bolehla try nanti btw happy birthday to your dad :)

  2. TQ very much cha! =)
    kalo dtg cafe ni u msti try dia pny bread butter pudding. mabeles!!


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