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25 September, 2012

Hariz Haikal is now 9 months old

Yes, it feels like yesterday i gave birth to him.. push push push!! Haikal popped out! (if it's just as easy as that)..HAHAH.. No lah, i'm just kidding. i didn't have the chance to "push" when gave birth Haikal. Thanks to caesarean. hehe.
no, i'm not complaining. because whatever had happen, there must be a hikmah kan.. The most important thing is, the baby is healthy. Alhamdulillah, he is now 9 months old. How time really flies =)

Ok to be true, Haikal's daddy is eagerly to have another kid. HAHAH. ok Haikal xde plak hisap jari kaki dia, maybe due to his size yg agak debab, so i rase the possibility of him to do that is nearly zero. HAHAH.
Tapi kalau ada rezeki, ehem, apa salahnya. Tapi tuan gynae dah pesan suruh gap at least 2-3 years. yelah bagi can la luka perut tu nak sembuh sepenuhnya kan..hehe. i pulak degil x nak amek apa2 contraceptive. hoho~ ( I think kene ade entry lain for contraceptive la right?)

Ini budak sudah botak.haha.
babysitter yang tolong potong rambut =)
kalo biar je rambut pnjg, msti ade je yg tanya, ni baby girl ke baby boy?

jeng jeng jeng...



2 batang gigi sudah muncul!

" i want to eat lamb chop mummy"

he is the beauty of my life
err.. his daddy too, somehow =p


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    1. tq Fainie.. hihi.. Haikal mmg bulat dan debab. risau obese je besar nnt.. =)


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