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19 April, 2011

Review: The only OV


i'm back from my hornymoon! it was a blessed! Redang Island mmg best! ok story pasal hornymoon i update later later on la ye..kt start review from my Nikah day..ok?

actually i dunno where to start nak review sbb i ade utang ngn my OV to post an entry bout his team. So i'll start with my Official Videographer (OV) , iMoments. You save my life! hehe..

waktu diijabkabulkan..senyum riang sambil; merenung tok kadi
"btol ke dah sah??" ewwahh wat2 tanya lak..haha

haa bunga tangan tu adalah hasil kerja Renee Meow!! love it so much!! thank babe! =)

Hazremi (Remi panggilannye) from iMoments, dia dtg awal..balik lambat..and he covered the whole relieved that i hired least ade seseorg vendor yg i bole rely on..and he is sgt2 reliable =p
even my wedding is a very simple ceremony, but i masih nak ianya dirakamkan..especially "that moment:"..hehe..

Ok, i i've mentioned before in BBF, my OP (ex) wat hat..die sub keje yg die patot buat kat org lain..yang mane, i tau pon on the day of the nikah day itself..its not fair for us right?..okay i akan buat entry special for this..memang sedey..tapi seb baik i ade OV..and naseb2 baik i ade hire additional photographer..thank god!

Okay, i x sabar nk tggu highlight and hasil kerje dr Remi..HEHE..akan tggu dgn penuh sabar..paling best, bile we all kne berlakon time outdoor shooting..yeayyy!! excited nak tggu the outcome!

Sape2 yang tgh mencari OV why not consider iMoments..Contoh terdekat yg pnah hire dorang: Jaja, and Ellfazira..HEHE..Nice working with him! seriously!

try la visit his site: iMoments

p/s: hehe..recommendation ni ikhlas dr empunya diri. =) God still have mercy for me! =p


  1. wah!!sonok nyer dier dh kawen!!hehe..selamat pengantin baru niza!:)

  2. awww bestnya g redang! tak pernah g tauuu huhu

    congrats againn niza!

  3. tahniah & selamat pengantin baru..;)

  4. nasib baik OV jadi penyelamat eh..hehe..

  5. dba: thanks babe! HAHA..kesoronokan yg x dpt digambarkan..kahkahkah

    Lisa: ni pon first time i babe! nnt dpt swim ngn baby shark & penyu. =)
    thanks lisa! =p

  6. Miss iLa: hehe thanks ya! =)

    Kina: tu la pasal...seb baik ade OV & additional photographer! kalo x mmg naya laa..huhu =p

  7. put: alhamdulillah..lega! x puas la, rase cam nak kawen lg skali..hihi

  8. niza, thanks for the review.appreciate it. enjoy dan senang kerja dgn both of u, bagi kerjasama, friendly dan easy to deal hehe..

    wait for your highlights ;)

  9. iMoments: hoye hoye tak sabar tggu highlights dr iMoments.. =) sorry la ye kalo ade terkurang ape2 ms mjlis aritu..hehe =p

  10. Hi Niza...
    Congrate...Slmt Perantin Baru.. :)
    Naib baik ada iMoments kan...
    btw..i pun hire iMoments gak... :p

  11. Qaseh: thanks dear! btol2 seb baik ade iMoments! iMoments mmg best! so u mmg xkan menyesal babe! hehe


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