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20 December, 2010

sweet tooth celebration

hye peeps!!
bole x wordless monday?? HAHA..its okay, today lets talk about sweet indulgence!! hmm yummy.. i believe, rather than dais, wedding dress and food, most of the eyes will sneak at the wedding cake!!
well, i'm a dessert lover, so at most of the weddings i attended, x sah kalau x tgk wedding cake diorang..even the possibilities to try them is impossible (bcos never meant to be for me), but the cuteness, the shape, the color and the texture seems so adorable..sometimes, mcm syg nk cut2 and potong2..hehe..
so, lets get the feel babe!!!

                                                               Green color?? its my theme!!

white & green?? hmm yummy!!

i just love the color~ ~weehuuu..

 all time fav: white with pink roses.. =)

most time fav: white with pinkish ribbons and polka dots!!
so sweet!!

white & grey polka dots + ribbons!!
exclusive!! but the color  i think a bit dull..

woww i just love the color!!
siap ade pearl u!!

cake topper..cuteness!!

another cake topper..cute kan..
mesti kazen kecil2 ku berebut2 mau bendalah nih..HAHA

another green cake!! 
hmm tp x sume org suke green kan??

striking green?? apple green..hmm..

cake & fresh flowers!!

korang nak kek saiz korang??
hahaha..nnt mst sayang nk potong kan..mcm potong diri sendiri lak..uhuhu..

lastly, a simple one from Mad About Cakes..
hmm yummy..
less is more rite?? =p
hmm padahal catering da bagi free 3-tier cake, tp buttercream la..

tp gatal usha wedding cakes.. klo dpt fondant cam best gak.. =)

kalo ade wedding cake vendor yg sedap & cantik & affordable, bole share ngn i ye..

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