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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

26 November, 2010


i'm so happy today bcos today is Friday!! hoye hoye!! and my mood is stable now..(lately mood swing aje..huhu)

so, bole la kembali menjadi bridezilla kan..since my OP, my fiance yg in charge. bcos he wants to assign his friend to be our OP..hurmm..i'm just redha, & just hoping that it will turn out good!! and deep in my heart i also believe that he can do a brilliant job! i will make a special entry for this, bcos byk argument..its true.. ^_^

now, let me decide who i want for my OV (official videographer) yang nowadays, semakin popular khidmatnye dikalangan B2B..hehe =)
tp, its hard for me to decide, seriously.. with a tight budget, my mom wants to have OV for both solemnization & reception..where in the 1st place i only plan to have one for my solemnization.'the moment' u know..HAHA.

surveyed & still surveying, i list down a few 'potential' OV;

a) Wira Visual
    How i wish i could have him, after watching his tremendous job for Nawal & many other bloggers..
    Emailed him & got the quotation, but the problem is...i dont think he's available on my wedding     date..HAHAHA (sedeh guling2, sambil menangis x berlagu).. nak wat camne xde saje je ltk dlm potential list..mongekss kan..HAHA

b) imoments
    but, i also found this OV yang best & COOL!! quote same je dgn yg (a)..jaja pon gunakan khidmat die,   dan mmbuatkan sy tertarik..
    loike it!!

c) mymoments
   yang ini cool gak!! i double loike!! i thought of taking them..but once again, i'm undecided. but i found  cheaper choice as..

d) jabbeart
   This one is cheaper..their final product also seem fine..they charge; RM900 per event..

what say uols?? please help me to decide..hehe (ala2 merayu da nih)..

p/s: i suka semua!!


  1. erm, terfikir jugak nk hire videographer. tapi kat ipoh, susah.huhuhu

  2. yati: haha~ mati la kalo nak amek sume..tade bajet.. =)

    Lala: kiut nye name Lala..hmm klo videographer kl mayb dorg ade transportation charges la kot..cube survey kat ipoh dulu, mst ade..

  3. haha.
    baki2 tu bagi yati je la.
    Erm..takde ke yang pakej terus video n foto?

  4. yati: haha~ bole je dear!! hmm so far, x jmp lg yg ade pakej video & foto..maybe klo yg ade team dorg bole arrange 2-2 skali.. =)

  5. Lebih baik amik pakej kan.
    Tapi tu la.
    Susah nak jumpa yang buat dua2 tu.

  6. yati: hehe tula..rasenye kalo pakej mmg akn jd lebih byk morah tu..hihi~ antara yg listed tu, yati suke yg mane??

  7. Hmm..mymoments kot.
    Tapi Wiravisual tu pun ok gak gambar die.
    Awat kebanyakan depa ni kalau amik video memang nak kene dari mekap?

  8. hehe..rasenye sbb nak capture skali moment preparation..time makeup, time rehersal bagai..time tula nmpk betapa nebes nye peranten..hehe

  9. Haha~
    Maybe la.
    Tapi yati kire rugila hire sebab takleh nak amik dari make up pun.
    Cuma luar je boleh.

  10. hehe..ok la tu, so bole mntk kurang sket dr OP/OV..kan kan kan


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