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05 October, 2010

Raya Holidays - Adelaide

Good tuesday everyone!!

how was uols weekend?? mine had a blast!! haha..but i will update soon..
for now, i will update on my Raya holidays!!

i only had a DAY in Melbourne..& seriously its not enough (esp. for shopping)..
but what to do, we already planned to have more time in Adelaide since my cuz is staying there..

13 September (8.55pm)
we took a flight to Adelaide (Jetstar airways)

13 September (9.30pm)
Arrived in Adelaide.

My cuzin and her friends was already there, waiting for us..hoye hoye!!
& i tell u it was so cold!! haha..& baju yg i bwk x ckup tebal..huhu

14 September

My sister & me in front of Royal Adelaide Hospital
we were waiting for Asma (my friend which are also studying in adelaide)

Then, Asma brought us to BigW and of course its for SHOPPING!!!
Hoye hoye!!

p/s: Pyrex & Corelle tgh sale time tu!! haha~
i bought one for my mom & one for my FMIL..=P

after penat shopping, she belanja us this superb sushi!!
called Sushi Train!!
Thanks so much Asma!! sgt kenyang tau!! HAHA

Rundle Mall!!
Super big ball.. hehe

4 of us in front of Uni Adelaide..
(me, my sis, atie my cuzin & asma) =)

Buang tebiat, bila sanggup memanjat tok mendapatkan pose terbaik..haha
ni sume asma nye cute idea..

Adelaide State library =)

Snap je dpn restoran ni..sbb die a bit pricey..hehe
Swinging Bowl aka Mangkok Hayun
if i'm not mistaken, the owner is Malaysian

End of first day in Adelaide..hehe

15 September

posing2 in front of other people's house..hehe
cam cute rumah die..
time ni tgh tggu bas

plan for 2nd day is also for Shopping!! haha~
this time it will be at Harbour Town..
its also a direct factory outlet..
but i tell u its not that cheap as you thought..huhu

we had this kinda Kyros kebab for lunch..
& its delicious!! yummy!!
it cost us around AUD8..
Combination kebab & coffee yg sgt mantap mmbuatkan lebih bertenaga tok bershoping.. =)

then, we went back to Adelaide city for city tour..hehe

Haigh's chocolate boutique..
hmm the choc is homemade & its very sinful & delicious!!
sadly, it's a bit expensive for me..
i wish i could buy more..HAHA

x sah klo x duduk kat rumput ke??

dinner time @ mongolian restaurant!!
with ati's roomate..

undecided which one shud i x abes2...haha~
balik umah,

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