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26 August, 2010

2nd Monthsary

it has been 2 months already that i am someone else fiancee..  =)
i'm happy!!
yes, i can see that he has changed.. he's becoming more supportive, caring & loving..
i do love him more.. +_+

& sometimes i dunno why i need his attention so much..haha~ gediks kan..

well, so far we never had a really big arguement.. gado2 ngade2 ade la..pas pujuk baikla..hehe

hehe~ let see how it goes in upcoming months.. we still have long way to go dear..
we have approximately 10 months more to plan our so called dream wedding..haha maybe mine, not his..

but i can see, that i have to sacrifice so many things (eg. fav. OP, MUA, Dais etc.) because of money constraint. huhu~
i love to see beautiful weddings, beautiful gowns, dais, deco, makeups & all.. u name it..
but my fiance always remind me.. we can have our wedding dreams but make sure that we are not overspend..the money prepared for marriage life is more important..once u have a baby, u have more responsibilities..
"u can have your wedding dreams, but in a moderate way..okay dear" he said..

huhu~ it's pretty sad for me..but in a way it's true..

i kept reminding myself to be grateful with what i have.. alhamdulillah..

p/s: i will update more on our wedding theme..haha~ & the war has begin.. =p


  1. hey dear! what ur fiancé said is so damn true! one important thing to be noted is NEVER EVER borrow or loan money for ur wedding!!! EVER!!! okay?

    who says u cant hv beautiful wedding w a small budget? u can okay? always ask urself, do i need this?

    that's what keep me motivated ;) if possible spend less than what u projected. to avoid overspend!

    10month aye? jealous much! good luck dear!!!

  2. zara: thanks so much dear for ur advice..i will kept away from money lenders..haha
    sometimes, the wedding is beautiful because of the creativity of the bride what they DIY.. and i believe it can save more..kan?

    haha~ 10 months (jgn jeles) i have plenty of months to survey smartly..hehe

  3. hepi annivesary !!! 10 bulan good to survey..nora 8 bulan lagi !!

  4. nora: hehe~ 8 bln pon ok lg ape..mst tgh giat kan skrg.. =)


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